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Commercial HVAC Services In Fort Wayne, IN

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Doc Dancer Heating and Cooling has been assisting businesses in and around Fort Wayne, IN, since 1946. We’re dedicated to providing quality services to the Fort Wayne community and that includes business owners too. Not every HVAC company can work on both commercial and residential properties, but Doc Dancer has the experience and skills to solve the heating and cooling issues you’re having in your office, store, or other property. Call us today to schedule commercial HVAC services in Fort Wayne, IN.

Cooling Services

Fort Wayne Commercial AC Installation

When having a new air conditioning system installed in your commercial facility, it’s crucial to collaborate with a professional HVAC company. Doc Dancer’s typical AC installation protocol includes:

  • Performing new cooling system load assessments
  • Removal of existing AC equipment, when necessary
  • Selecting appropriate new equipment to meet or exceed the facility’s needs
  • Installing the air handler, condenser, evaporator, & electrical/refrigerant lines
  • Installing all necessary ducting, thermostats, and zone-specific controls
  • Thoroughly diagnosing the new system’s performance and efficiency
  • Performing a complete worksite clean-up

Our friendly technicians will not consider the project complete until you are 100% satisfied with your new AC system, its performance, and all other aspects of our services.

Commercial AC Tune-Ups

The accumulation of dirt and dust combined with general aging gradually decreases system performance, and regularly scheduled maintenance counteracts the effects. AC tune-up services from Doc Dancer provide benefits including:

  • Longer system lifespan because worn parts are replaced in a timely manner
  • Lower electric bills because your system operates more efficiently
  • Fewer breakdowns and the resulting costly repairs

And perhaps the greatest benefit associated with routine HVAC system maintenance is happier, more comfortable employees. Your commercial AC system may need to be tuned up more often than a residential system because a commercial system often has more people inside, or your manufacturing operations also generate dust and continents into your AC system. Let Doc Dancer maintain your commercial air conditioning system and ensure constant comfort throughout your entire facility.

Commercial AC Repair

Doc Dancer offers 24/7/365 commercial AC repair services. Day or night, we’ll dispatch one of our expert HVAC technicians to your Fort Wayne location to resolve any issues you have and restore comfort. Call us anytime you notice any of the following, and we’ll respond quickly to solve your problems:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the building
  • The system turns off before reaching the set temperature
  • Your AC system keeps turning on and off repetitively
  • You notice weak airflow or inefficient cooling
  • The system won’t turn on or off correctly
  • The system blows fuses regularly
  • The evaporator coils freeze up
  • The system is leaking water

Also, give us a call right away if you notice strange vibrations, sounds, or odor coming from your AC unit or any of its accessories. We’ll send someone to you quickly and get it taken care of – any time.

Fort Wayne Commercial Heating System Services

Commercial Furnace Installation

Your furnace is critical for the comfort, health, and safety of everyone in your commercial facility. A new heating system from Doc Dancer will save you money relative to repetitively repairing an older system. Call our helpful, friendly team today for a new furnace installation if your current system:

  • Needs repetitive repairing
  • Noticing higher energy consumption and heating bills
  • Makes strange sounds or emits concerning odor
  • Fails to keep your facility comfortable at the temperature you set it for

With a new, modern furnace, and innovative features like Wi-Fi controls and multi-zone heating, you’ll enjoy reliable warmth, lower energy bills, and improved air quality throughout your Fort Wayne workplace.

Commercial Furnace Tune-Ups

During the cold season, routine use of your commercial heating system will slowly degrade its efficiency as the filters and burners become dirty, and the internal components wear with age. It’s important to have your system tuned up before the temperatures begin to drop to make sure that your furnace will work reliably throughout the winter. A commercial HVAC system replacement can be expensive and an intrusive process to your day-to-day operations. Tune-ups will ensure that your furnace will last as long as possible to put off needing a new system prematurely.

Our HVAC experts work smarter, not harder. We take our time to perform every small task with maximal skill and care. We’re here to keep your employees safer, more comfortable, and more productive with a properly working heating system.

Commercial Heating System Repairs

Doc Dancer offers expert heating system repairs for business owners throughout Fort Wayne and surrounding communities. Call us day or night for professional repairs if you notice that your furnace:

  • Produces weak airflow output
  • Fails to start operating when you turn it on
  • Shuts off before reaching the desired temperature
  • Turns on and shuts off frequently without your input
  • Makes unusual sounds – like banging, grinding, or whirring
  • Fails to provide evenly distributed heat throughout your facility

Commercial heating systems are so large and full of a variety of moving parts that it makes it more likely that problems will develop. HVAC systems for commercial properties are often very complex, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the issue if your HVAC technician is not experienced in commercial systems. Our team can help solve heating problems to restore comfort to your satisfaction.

Doc Dancer Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

Many business and property owners only service their HVAC systems when something is wrong. However, you can limit the possibility of issues developing by investing in regular maintenance. Dco Dancer makes regular maintenance easy to remember with our maintenance plans. Join Doc Dancer’s Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA). We’ll contact you when your maintenance is close to being due, so we can create an appointment around your company’s busy schedule. As a SEA member, you receive preferred customer status, meaning that you’ll receive priority scheduling 24 hours every day. You’re also guaranteed the absolute lowest pricing on all of our precise heating and cooling system services. Plus, you’ll receive a straight 15% discount on all labor costs for HVAC repair, and never any overtime charges. Contact us today to sign up.

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Because of our sincere dedication to each customer’s complete happiness, Doc Dancer Heating & Air has become a dependable name in Fort Wayne, IN, and surrounding communities for the last 75+ years. No job is too big or too small for our team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for quality commercial heating and cooling services.