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Duct Armor for Your Fort Wayne Home

We’re VERY excited to announce the addition of Duct Armor to the “Doc’s” indoor air quality (IAQ) tool bag! “Doc” Dancer is the only authorized Duct Armour dealer in Northeastern Indiana & Fort Wayne! Duct Armor is a RUBBERIZED DUCT LINER process that coats the ductwork internally with a membrane that creates a brand-new, completely clean surface inside the existing duct.

Duct Armor is perfect for:

  • In-Slab Ductwork: If your home is on a slab and has in-slab ductwork that has deteriorated or rusted, or contains water and moisture, this product is a more cost-effective solution to the expensive, messy, and time-consuming process of rerouting ductwork overhead. Duct Armor is specifically designed to restore your deteriorating ductwork to better-than-new condition.
  • Allergen Reduction: Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined, clean air ducts can make a dramatic difference in your family’s health.
  • Reducing Smoke Odor: Reduce any smoke odors in your ducting, even after duct cleaning and sanitizing have failed to do so.

Call Dale Hubert, our Home Energy and Air Quality Advisor, at (260) 250-2981 to find out whether Duct Armor is a good solution for you to improve your indoor air quality.

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