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Fort Wayne Boiler Repair

As is the case with any type of HVAC machinery, boilers can unfortunately break. When the worst happens, you can trust that Doc Dancer Heating & Air will be right by your side to get things working again as soon as possible.

Our skilled technicians have seen it all and are well prepared to handle your boiler repair or consult you on buying a replacement if it’s time to bring in a new high-efficiency system.

Regardless of your boiler or HVAC situation, we can tackle the problem with ease in Fort Wayne, IN.

What Are the Most Common Boiler Problems?

Many things can go wrong with your boiler. Here are a few of the most common issues that can cause you to need our boiler repair services:

  • The thermostat isn’t giving you the right temperature. First, make sure it’s set to “on” and configured correctly. If not, it might be time for a thermostat upgrade.
  • Your place feels chilly. This could be due to faulty parts, thermostat quirks, or low water levels.
  • Drips and leaks. These water problems can occur because of worn-out internal parts, aging seals, or rust.
  • You’re hearing strange noises like banging, whistling, or gurgling. These odd sounds might happen when there’s air in the system, low water pressure, or a part that’s on the brink of giving up. If you’re hearing booming noises, it might be due to reduced water flow, often caused by lime and sludge buildup in the heat exchanger, making the water overheat and bubble.
  • The pilot light is out. This can happen because of a failing thermocouple, draft issues, deposits clogging things up, or even a natural gas supply hiccup.
  • Low-pressure alert. It could be due to a water leak or a pressure valve that needs some TLC. Sometimes, freshly bled radiators can also lead to this issue.
  • The boiler keeps shutting off. If your boiler is playing hide and seek, it might be due to low water pressure, thermostat quirks, a closed valve causing poor water flow, or air bubbles messing with the water pump.

Remember, skipping that annual check-up can lead to these boiler headaches. Our experienced team will complete all the regular maintenance you need on your boiler to ensure it lasts as long as possible and keeps you warm all winter long.

Doc Dancer is here to help you pick a maintenance plan that not only keeps your boiler happy but could also save you from pricey repairs. Give us a call today!

How Do You Know When to Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to replace a boiler instead of constantly calling in repairs and worrying that your old boiler will fail you when you need it most. Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to let your old boiler go and install a new unit.

Your Boiler Is Getting Old

If your boiler is close to 15 or 20 years of age, it’s probably time to start thinking about a replacement. It’s also worth noting that older boiler models are less efficient than modern boilers and are more prone to breakdowns. For example, if you just bought a quaint old home in historic Fort Wayne, it’s probably worth investing in a new boiler.

You’re Paying For Energy

If your heating bills have been steadily increasing throughout the years, that is a big sign your boiler is nearing the end of its life. The older your boiler is, the more energy and fuel it uses to produce the same amount of heat. Aside from your boiler’s age, a rise in energy costs can also indicate mechanical problems.

Your House Has Cold Spots

If the heating in your house is uneven, that could be a sign certain components of your boiler are failing. If you’ve recently scheduled a repair and replaced parts and the issue persists, it’s probably time to usher in a replacement boiler instead of investing in more repairs.

You’re Hearing Loud and Unusual Noises

All machinery makes some noise, but very loud banging, hissing, or clanking is never a good thing. These kinds of sounds often indicate serious mechanical issues and are signs that important components of your boiler are deteriorating. Doc Dancer’s professional technicians can take a look and diagnose the severity of the issue to help you determine if replacement is the correct course of action.

Your Boiler Needs Constant Repairs

Scheduling constant repairs can quickly become more expensive than simply purchasing a new boiler system. Additionally, a new boiler will give you peace of mind during the cold winter months. If you have placed several emergency calls, it’s time to consider installing a new boiler.

When it comes to boilers, Doc Dancer does it all. Our team can help you decide if it’s time to install a new boiler and set up regular boiler maintenance appointments to keep your boiler running for as long as possible. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you make the most informed and favorable decision possible.

Choose Doc Dancer for Your Boiler Repair

From our superior experience to our helpful financing options, Doc Dancer Heating & Air can help you with any of your boiler repair needs. Our mission is to offer you the insight you need to keep your boiler in excellent condition and make the right decisions for your home. Contact us online or give us a phone call to discover how we can help!