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Why You Should Fix Leaky Air Ducts with Aeroseal

When summer arrives in Indiana, air conditioners can run full time. AC can help provide relief from the heat, but you might notice your house isn’t staying as cool as you’d like. One of the reasons your Fort Wayne, IN home may not stay cool isn’t the insulation; it’s leaky air ducts! “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air has 75 years in the indoor air quality business. As the only company in Northeastern Indiana to offer Aeroseal, “Doc” Dancer has a solution for leaky air ducts.

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Indoor Air Quality and Air Duct Sealing

Did you know that up to 30% of your energy escapes through ducts if they aren’t properly sealed? That means you are wasting your money by heating/cooling wall cavities or attic space. Air duct sealing can help improve system performance by:

  • Improving airflow throughout the house
  • Reducing dust & pollutants
  • Reducing allergens in the house
  • Improving comfort

“Doc” Dancer is the first northeastern Indiana company to offer Aeroseal. Contact us today to see if you can benefit from it.

Aeroseal Makes Your Home More Comfortable & Energy Efficient

After your air ducts are cleaned or repaired, sealing them with Aeroseal may be the logical next step. Sealing the air ducts will dramatically improve the comfort of your home. Aeroseal will also reduce leakage, save money on energy, decrease the pollutants and allergens in the air and even keep the amount of dust in your home to a minimum. These perks of using Aeroseal for air duct sealing are great, but you might be wondering how it works.

After “Doc” Dancer measures the air duct leakage in your home, we will use a multi-step process that is quick and efficient. We block off all the vents, then we inject polymer particles into the vents to seal any leaks up to 5/8″ in the air ducts. After we have finished that, we measure the leakage in the air ducts and will give you a full report of our findings. We believe in Aeroseal and will prove its effectiveness with our before and after tests!

Is Aeroseal For You?

Aeroseal may be for you if:

  • Your rooms are too hot or too cold no matter what you do with the thermostat
  • It’s humid when it shouldn’t be
  • Your house seems to always have dust on everything
  • Your energy bills keep climbing

Aeroseal is the latest in duct sealing technology, and we are here to make sure your HVAC system receives its benefits! Contact “Doc” Dancer today to set up an appointment to determine whether Aeroseal might benefit you.