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HVAC Services in Corunna, IN

There is no doubt that the weather is extreme in Corunna, IN. With deep winter lows and high, humid summers, keeping a home or business at the perfect ambient temperature can be difficult. “Doc” Dancer provides exceptional heating and cooling services throughout the Corunna community. Winter is no time to be without a heating system and in the summer you need every bit of relief from the heat that your air conditioner can provide. The extreme cold and hot weather are why “Doc” Dancer is available 24/7. We are your year-round residential heating and cooling services experts.

Heating Services in Corunna, IN

Homes and businesses throughout the Corunna, IN area rely on different types of heating units to heat their buildings. “Doc” Dancer works on all types of heating and cooling products, including:

Furnace Repair

Not every major furnace breakdown requires a furnace installation service call. Many times it is better to deal with a furnace repair call than to replace the unit. There are exceptions, but the honesty and integrity that “Doc” Dancer provides our customers is why we’ve been in business for the past 75 years. We will accurately find the cause of the furnace breakdown and give you all of the details so you can decide which method is best for your household or business.

Furnace Installation

In the event that it is time to replace your furnace, our furnace installation services are affordable, efficient, and comprehensive. We offer modern furnaces of all sizes so you can easily choose one that fits the heating needs of your home and budget. Modern furnaces are energy efficient, run on natural gas, electricity, or oil. Our installation team installs new furnaces in old homes, newly constructed homes, and commercial properties. 

Heating Tune Up

A heating tune up is the best way to save money on energy costs. The tune-up service keeps your furnace or HVAC unit running at peak efficiency. Generally, a heating tune-up is a once per year service call, but for heat pumps, the service is twice per year. You’ll want to have your heat pump tuned up once before you rely on the heat in the winter, and again in the spring when you rely on it to cool your home. Heat pump tune ups boost the energy efficiency of your heating system, but they’re also helpful to spot small issues before they cause major breakdowns. Heating tune-ups are highly recommended for stand alone furnaces or HVAC Systems on an annual basis.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways for heating and cooling your home or business. We provide complete heat pump service on all brands and models of heat pumps. With regular maintenance twice a year a heat pump system can last for 15 years.


Boilers are amazingly efficient ways to heat large spaces, homes, and businesses. Because they do not move air, they help to improve indoor air quality. If you are unhappy with your HVAC system, replacing it with a boiler may be a good option. We have all of the equipment and experience to fully care for boilers. We offer complete maintenance, repair, and installation for new boilers and older units.


Geothermal units are very efficient. They use the consistent temperatures of the earth to heat and cool buildings. We offer full installation of geothermal heating systems, maintenance, and repairs. Geothermal systems and heat pumps use less fuel to produce greater heating and cooling.

Cooling Services in Corunna, IN

The summer heat can be brutal in Corunna, IN. Make sure your air conditioner or cooling system is working properly before temperatures start to rise. “Doc” Dancer can solve all your cooling issues too. Some of our cooling services include:

AC Repair

We offer emergency and regular AC repair service for all brands and models of air conditioners. If your AC equipment is newer, repairing it is a good idea. For older AC unites, replacement may be a better financial investment. Our highly-trained AC technicians offer fast and accurate diagnostics with complete part replacement and repairs. We are available 24/7 and on holidays to return your air conditioning to full working order.

AC Installation

When you need a new air conditioning system call our professional air conditioning repair team. We are fully certified to handle all of the plumbing, installation, and duct work for new installs, and help maintain the air conditioner over time. Our company offers modern AC systems that are energy efficient, quiet, and have a long lifecycle. We handle all brands and models of AC installations. Financing options are available (with approved credit) for the installation of new units.

AC Tune Up

Residential and commercial customers should take advantage of the benefits of an AC tune-up service call. Tuning the AC unit is one of the easiest ways to put the cooling system back to peak efficiency. We check the unit for loose or broken parts, all of the plumbing connections, electrical wiring and the thermostat to make sure everything is factory -ready.

Emergency AC Services

“Doc” Dancer provides emergency heating and cooling services so each customer never has to suffer the weather because our office is not open. Just give us a call to activate our emergency AC specialists.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are amazingly efficient. They need maintenance twice a year but otherwise are generally hassle-free. Residential heat pumps cost less to operate than HVAC systems. They do not burn fuel to heat or cool the air.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits are excellent for homes that do not have ductwork but still require cool air on hot and humid days. These small units are highly efficient, especially compared to window units. Because they are ductless, they can be installed anywhere there is power.


Signs Your Corunna, IN Heating System Needs Repair Service

Short Cycling

Short cycling is generally an electrical malfunction. It can be the thermostat has failed or it can be a switch or relay that has a short. If you hear your unit turning on and off again multiple times, then it is short cycling. Short cycling, if left unchecked can cause extensive damage to your unit. If you notice your unit is short cycling, have it repaired immediately. 

Unusual Noises

Generally something is loose or broken or debris has gotten into the unit when you hear unusual noises coming from your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. Investigating the noises that your unit makes is a good way to stop more expensive damage from occurring.

Burning Odor

Any sort of odor that smells like something is burning requires an immediate service call. Most likely something has fallen onto the burner assembly, but that burning smell could also be an electrical short.

Higher Energy Bills

If you notice a spike in your energy bills it is likely from poor efficiency from the heating unit. A furnace or HVAC will drive up the cost of keeping your home warm if it is not running at peak efficiency.

Uneven Heat Distribution

Rooms that do not heat or that become overly warm are a sign that there is something wrong with the heating system. Sometimes the issue is the duct work, or a dirty air filter. Other times it’s a malfunctioning blower fan. There are many potential reasons for uneven heat distribution and a  simple service call will determine the cause of the issue and correct it.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from “Doc” Dancer

Maintaining your heating and cooling systems is essential. Our maintenance programs make it easier and more affordable to do that.

You become a preferred customer when you sign up for a maintenance plan, and we give you the lowest price on routine maintenance. Each customer on our maintenance plan also receives 15% off parts and labor. If you have a heating and cooling emergency, we waive the overtime charges. The best benefit is that your system runs efficiently and saves you money while remaining reliable.

Contact “Doc” Dancer For HVAC Services in Corunna, IN

For efficient and professional heating and cooling services, call the experts at “Doc” Dancer today. Put our 75-years of heating and cooling experience to work for you.

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