You may have heard of HVAC zoning systems before, but you’re curious if they’re actually worth it. If you’re considering installing some new HVAC equipment, now would be a good time to consider adding a zoned HVAC system to your home. Zoned HVAC systems do come with a hefty upfront cost, which may make you wonder if it’s worth it to invest in one. The team at Doc Dancer explains what HVAC zoning is and how it can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs.

What is HVAC Zoning?

An HVAC zoning system works by dividing your home into zones so that each zone can control the temperature. Zoning systems use your home’s current HVAC system or can be installed with new HVAC equipment. Dampers are installed in the air ducts to regulate the distribution of heated and cooled air throughout the home. Multiple dampers can be installed to create multiple zones. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat providing you with more comfort and control around your entire house.

How Does HVAC Zoning Save Money?

There’s a good chance that there are rooms in your home that are unoccupied for hours of the day. In the evening, most of your family is probably gathered in one room, and during the day, the occupants of your home are at work or school. You may have a home office that is empty once you stop working for the day. However, no matter where the people in your home are, your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump is using energy to provide conditioned air to your entire house.

With a zoned system, you can instead turn off the flow of air to unoccupied rooms, which would lower the demand for your HVAC system. Less demand means less energy needed to heat and cool air to empty rooms. Not only does a zoned HVAC system save you money by not wasting conditioned air on empty rooms, but it can also help by preventing fights over the thermostat or unauthorized temperature adjustments. If your central air conditioning system cools one room too much while trying to get the whole house to a consistent temperature, a zoning system will prevent rooms from being overcooled.

Other Benefits of an HVAC Zoning System

Besides energy savings, a zoned system can also help extend the life of your heating and cooling system. When you put less strain on these systems, they will last longer. Your unit will spend less time and energy running each day, reducing its wear and tear. This can help you save on HVAC repairs in the long run.

Not only will your family appreciate additional temperature control in their zones, but you may also notice better indoor air quality with a zoned HVAC system as well. The dampers that make the zoned system make sure the air is only diverted to the zone it’s intended for, so unwanted dirt and debris that are circulating in one zone, won’t affect the others. This is also a good idea if you need to quarantine a sick family member and want to prevent their germs from spreading throughout the air in your home.

Talk to Doc Dancer to Learn More About Installing a Zoned HVAC System in Your Fort Wayne Home

Adding a zoned HVAC system to your home comes with many benefits. Energy savings, personalized temperature preferences, and improved lifespan of your HVAC systems are all great reasons to consider upgrading your home with a new system. Talk to Doc Dancer today to see if your home would be a good fit for a zoned HVAC system.