A generator is an important piece of equipment for any home. It helps keep your appliances running during a power outage and can provide additional energy for larger items, such as air conditioners or electric heaters. But just like any other machine, generators need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are running properly. Here’s a look at how often you should have maintenance performed on a generator and some things you can do yourself to maintain it throughout the year.

What Is a Whole Home Generator?

Whole home generators provide an indispensable source of backup power in the event of a blackout or other emergency. Their fuel system is what keeps them working whenever you need them. Whole home generators can use propane or natural gas, plus some models can even run on renewable sources such as solar or wind. When utility power is lost, the standby generator will automatically switch on and power your entire home.

Generators come with a built-in automatic transfer switch that senses when there is a voltage drop or power failure and then switches to your generator to provide a continuous energy supply. The activation process, in most cases, takes less than 30 seconds – meaning you won’t have to wait long before you have electricity again. With whole-house generator systems, you can rest assured that your home’s critical functions are always supplied with customizable levels of protection when the lights go out.

How Frequently Do You Need Generator Maintenance Service?

How often generator maintenance needs to be done depends on its usage. If the generator is used frequently (for example, in a commercial setting), it may need more frequent service than one that is used only occasionally in a residential setting. Generally speaking, though, it’s recommended that you have professional maintenance every six months to one year depending on your usage rate and the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Professional maintenance for a whole-home generator is essential in order to ensure optimal performance and longevity. A lack of maintenance puts your generator at risk of experiencing mechanical problems and electrical issues. These issues can render your generator inoperable during an emergency situation.

During a generator maintenance appointment, a technician will check all parts of the generator to ensure they are working properly and perform any necessary repairs or replacements if needed. Professional generator maintenance provides peace of mind by checking vital areas such as the starter system, cooling system, wiring harness, oil levels, lubricants, hoses, and belts, among many other components. By making sure these essential parts are working optimally and that no deficiencies exist you can prevent untimely disruptions or malfunctions from occurring when you need your backup generator the most.

Do-It-Yourself Backup Generator Maintenance Tips

In addition to professional maintenance visits, there are some things you can do yourself throughout the year to help keep your generator in good working order.

  • Check the oil level every month and change it every 100 hours of use or once a year, whichever comes first, to prevent wear and tear on the engine.
  • Check the coolant level every month and change it every two years.
  • Clean the air filter every month.
  • Inspect the spark plugs and replace them as needed.
  • Periodically check all belts for signs of wear or cracking.
  • Take time to clean out any debris from around the generator so it does not interfere with its performance when needed.

Generator Maintenance Services in Fort Wayne From Doc Dancer

Generators can be a great asset for homeowners but require regular maintenance in order to keep them running optimally over time. It’s important to have professional maintenance services done every six months to one year depending on usage rate and manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, there are some do-it-yourself tips you can follow throughout the year. For professional maintenance for standby generators in Fort Wayne, IN contact Doc Dancer Heating & Air today!