Cleaning your furnace is something that should be on your regular home maintenance to-do list. A clean furnace will run efficiently, is less likely to break down, and will keep your home consistently warm all winter long. Even though some homeowners may attempt to do this themselves, cleaning a furnace is a task better left to a qualified HVAC company. Doc Dancer Heating & Air is Fort Wayne’s trusted heating and cooling company.

Should You Clean a Furnace Yourself?

Every year, before you turn on your heat, it’s a good idea to clean your furnace so it runs smoothly all winter. Doc Dancer provides thorough furnace cleanings for homeowners in Fort Wayne throughout the fall and winter.

Learning how to clean a furnace is complicated, and there are many steps to follow, different parts to learn about, and it’s easy to make a mistake. If you break something in your furnace, you could cause a no-heat situation or, even worse, a carbon monoxide leak or a fire.

Easy Furnace Cleaning Tips

Doc Dancer recommends having a trained technician perform your furnace tune-up and cleaning. When you contact Doc Dancer to clean your furnace, there are some easy things you can perform that your furnace will still appreciate:

1. Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly (if you have a 1-inch disposable filter)

You should change your furnace filter every 90 days, or 3 months. This keeps dust and debris from accumulating in the machine and restricting airflow. Furnace filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and knowing which one fits best for your furnace can be a challenge. With FilterFetch from Doc Dancer, you’ll never have to run to the store again. Furnace filters are delivered to your door regularly.

2. Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean

Furnaces tend to be in dusty places like laundry rooms and basements. These rooms can get very dirty, and that dirt can also get into the furnace. The furnace itself may generate some dust as well, especially if the furnace filter is full. Vacuuming or sweeping around the area regularly will keep your furnace healthy. 

3. Clean Your Floor Vents

All of that dust and debris that clogs up your filters comes from your floor vents. Using a shop vacuum to clean out what you can from these vents will make a big difference. Floor vents can be especially dirty if you have a lot of people in your home, pets, or anyone that smokes. If you have allergies, you may notice relief after cleaning your floor vents because the dander that bothers your allergies won’t spread to other rooms as quickly. 

Should I Clean My Furnace or Call A Professional?

Like changing the oil in your car, many people who want to clean a furnace themselves do it to save money. Furnace cleanings cost about $100, so you’re not saving a lot of money for all of the work involved. Keep in mind if you break something, a repair bill is going to cost more than the furnace cleaning would. When in doubt, call Doc Dancer Heating & Air.

Contact Doc Dancer to Make a Furnace Cleaning Appointment

Signing up for Doc Dancer’s Safety & Efficiency Agreement will ensure you receive a furnace cleaning and inspection in a timely manner. We’ll set you up with regular and convenient semi-annual maintenance appointments. Maintenance agreement members also get priority service, discounted repairs, no overtime, and peace of mind knowing that their HVAC system is clean and safe.