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Laotto, IN

A house doesn’t feel like a home unless you can relax in it at a comfortable temperature. That means having HVAC systems that are affordable, reliable, and regularly maintained.

HVAC services from “Doc” Dancer will ensure all of your heating and cooling equipment runs smoothly all year round without any issues.

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Laotto, IN Indoor Air Quality Services

“Doc” Dancer offers a wide variety of indoor air quality services in Laotto, Indiana and the surrounding areas of Fort Wayne such as:


Your thermostat is crucial to regulating the air conditioning and heating in your home. Problems with your thermostat can cause uncomfortable temperatures in your home. A professional from our team of certified technicians can determine if you’re in need of a repair or replacement, and can even advise on energy efficiency. 

Air Cleaners

Getting an air cleaner for your home allows you to wipe out dirt, fumes, and pollution from the air in your Fort Wayne area property.

Air Purifiers

We can install an air purifier in your home, which will rid the air of bacteria and viruses that can spread illness and disease between family members at home.


Getting a humidifier can help make your home a more pleasant place if you suffer from conditions relating to dryness, such as dry skin or a dry throat.


If your home suffers from excess moisture, it could lead to mold on your walls and health issues. The installation of a dehumidifier can absorb the moisture from the air.


Zoning is a great way to save on energy bills by regulating the temperature differently in different parts of your property. We can install zoning in your home.

Heating Service in Laotto, IN

“Doc” Dancer offers our customers a range of heating services in Laotto, Indiana. This includes:

Furnace Repair Service

Have a problem with your furnace? Schedule a repair service, and one of our experienced technicians can fix your furnace in no time.

Furnace Installation Service

Once your furnace is more than 20 years old, it has reached the end of its useful life, and it’s time to think about a replacement. Our team can advise you on the options to get a replacement furnace as well as the installation process.

Heating Tune-Up Service

Over time, heating systems can become inefficient, resulting in rising energy bills for your family. Our heating tune-up service will ensure your heater runs smoothly and efficiently year-round.

Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are great as they are able to provide both air conditioning and heating. However, the equipment is sophisticated and intricate, so it can be hard to locate the problem if something goes wrong. Our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem with your heat pump and repair or replace it quickly and effectively.

Boiler Service

Even if your boiler isn’t broken, after it reaches a certain age, it’ll become too inefficient and expensive to run. We can repair your boiler if it’s broken down or help you install a new one if it’s time to get a replacement.

Geothermal Service

Because of the nature of the equipment, geothermal heating technology does not easily lend itself to DIY repair. If there’s a fault in your geothermal system, speak to one of our experts for advice and repair services.

Signs Your Laotto, IN Heating System Needs Repair Service

If your Laotto, IN heating system is exhibiting any of the following signs, you’re likely to need heating repair service in Laotto, IN or the surrounding Fort Wayne area:

Short Cycling

Short cycling often occurs due to a fault in your heating system and causes your heating to switch off before it reaches the temperature you set.

Unusual Noises

Have you heard unusual rattles or banging emanating from your heating system? There could be an internal fault that can cause further damage if it is not treated fast.

Burning Odor

Is there a burning smell coming from your heating system? It could just be the dust burning off the system when it’s turned on for the first time for the season. If the smell persists, get this issue checked out as soon as possible to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate into something more serious.

Higher Energy Bills

Have you noticed your heating bills increasing from month to month with no apparent explanation? A fault in your heating system could be causing it to run inefficiently.

Uneven Heat Distribution

Do some rooms in your home appear colder than others? This could result from a blockage or air trap that prevents heat from distributing across the building evenly.

Contact “Doc” Dancer to Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan

We want to provide the best heating and air conditioning services in Laotto, IN and the surrounding areas of Fort Wayne. We are unlike other Fort Wayne HVAC companies because our HVAC maintenance services plan is a great way to keep your system in top shape at an affordable price. 

Our Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA) includes a semi-annual maintenance inspection to ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently, even if you don’t think you have a problem with it.

As part of the plan, you’ll get a 15% discount on all our features and labor for repairs. You’ll receive no extra overtime charges if you need our service out of hours, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be able to speak to one of our technicians ’round the clock.

Trust “Doc” Dancer for HVAC Services in Laotto, IN

You can trust “Doc” Dancer for all of your HVAC services in Laotto, IN, and the surrounding areas of Fort Wayne. Our team of experienced, qualified technicians prides themselves on its standard of customer service and can fix your problems in no time.

Schedule service with our Fort Wayne team today to ensure your HVAC systems stay in top shape for years to come.

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