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HVAC Services in Saint Joe, IN

“Doc” Dancer has served the Saint Joe, IN and greater Fort Wayne, IN Community for over 75 years. We offer complete heating and cooling services including HVAC systems and stand-alone air conditioning or furnace units. We are your local HVAC Contractors to help keep your systems running efficiently and effectively. Our helpful maintenance agreements make maintaining your heating and cooling systems a breeze. So if you’re looking to install a new system, or maintain your current one, “Doc” Dancer has the HVAC solutions you need to keep you comfortable all year long. 

Heating Services in Saint Joe, IN

Winters in Saint Joe, IN can be dangerous without a reliable furnace or heating system in place. We offer professional technicians with reasonable rates that help to cover:

Furnace Repair

From major part replacement to the little issues, as your heating repair specialists we are your go-to source for all types of furnace repair needs. We are fast, reliable, and courteous.

Furnace Installation

We’ve installed furnaces for the past 75 years. Our experts deliver quality furnace systems with few HVAC headaches. We are on time, thorough, and efficient. Our quality workmanship means your new furnace installation is perfect the first time. We offer financing (with approved credit) and maintenance plans to keep the cost of a new furnace and future maintenance manageable.

Heating Tune Up

Schedule a heating tune-up from “Doc” Dancer and experience the quality service that we provide. Heating tune ups keep your heating appliance running smoothly by boosting its efficiency and catching the little issues that can cause major breakdowns later.

Heat Pumps

If you have a heat pump we are your local experts for maintenance tune up, repair, and installation. If you are searching for a new way to heat your home or business, we recommend heat pumps. They both heat and cool efficiently and effectively.


Boilers are another option if you want a highly efficient way to heat your home. Because there is no forced air, boilers help to reduce indoor air pollution. Boilers are one of the oldest methods of heating a home and they continue to fit into modern homes because they are a high efficiency system.


Geothermal systems use the natural consistent temperature of the earth to create the perfect ambient temperature year-round. Although the air outside might be hot or cold, the temperature below the earth remains constant. These systems are incredibly efficient and very reliable in every season.

Saint Joe, IN Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is on everyone’s mind. With spikes in asthma and other respiratory illnesses, folks are looking for ways to improve indoor air quality. The following services and appliances help enhance indoor air quality.


Modern thermostats give you more control over how and when your heating air conditioning system works. When you upgrade to a smart thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere. You can dial into the thermostat via an app for your phone and change the temperature. Having a thermostat that allows you to create schedules can help significantly with heating and cooling costs. 

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners remove particulates from the air like the dust and pet dander that you breathe. With cleaner air there are fewer allergens to cause problems, and the quality of life rises. If you have intense allergies or asthma, an air cleaner could make a big difference in the quality of the air you breathe. 

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers take air cleaning one step past your standard air cleaners. They help to remove toxins, such as CO2 as well as particulate matter. If you have children or elderly people in your home, air purifiers have also been shown to reduce the spread of viruses and other germs, keeping your family healthy. 


Humidifiers regulate the amount of water in the air. They add moisture to dry air in the winter. They are also one of the best ways to help your heating system run at peak efficiency. Humid air holds more warmth and dry air is colder. Having one of our professional HVAC cooling contractors adjust the humidifiers in your home will improve your level of comfort during cold winter months. 


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air. During those long, hot summers where the humidity is high, a dehumidifier will turn your home into an oasis. By adjusting the amount of water in the air, a dehumidifier allows your AC to run more efficiently.


Zoning is a modern approach to energy efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Zones work with smart thermostats and allow you to control where in your home the heat or air conditioned air flows. It works on the idea that you do not need to waste money heating or cooling a room that you are not using. A good example is when you go to bed at night. Do you need to heat the living room? No, and closing the damper on this zone can help save you energy. 

Signs Your Saint Joe, IN HVAC System Needs Repair Service

All heating systems eventually require a repair service call. How do you know when to call for heating or air conditioning help? Here’s a short list of issues that require a furnace, heat pump, or HVAC system service call.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the heating or cooling system turns on and off frequently. Generally, there is a problem with how the unit senses the temperature in the house. It’s usually a quick fix like a faulty thermostat or a bad switch.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises are a clue that something is breaking down inside your HVAC unit. It is important to catch the problem before the unit fails completely. “Doc” Dancer recommends a service call to investigate unusual noises. Sometimes it is just a loose part or belt. It can also be the start of a bigger problem, especially in older units. Our service experts advantage program can help decrease the costs of repairs by 15 percent or more.

Burning Odor

If your furnace or heating unit has a burning odor, call for emergency services and explain the odor. It can be something simple like a toy stuck in an air duct or an electrical short that could lead to a potential fire hazard. Call “Doc” Dancer to investigate. 

Higher Energy Bills

When your energy bills increase for no apparent reason, it is time to have the furnace or heating system inspected. We’ll return your unit to peak efficiency so that it should return your energy consumption back to normal.

Uneven Heat Distribution

Usually when uneven heat distribution occurs, it is an issue with the ductwork or a problem with the blower unit. There may not be enough force to push the air to the farthest parts of a home or there could be a crack or gap in the ducting. The problem causes high efficiency heating to drop and the consumption of energy to rise.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from “Doc” Dancer

“Doc” Dancer offers maintenance plans that help reduce the cost of regular and routine maintenance for heating, cooling and central air conditioning systems. The benefits are our way of showing that we appreciate your business. They start with 15% off parts and labor, and a discount on labor for emergency service calls. Our emergency service experts advantage program also means your service call is a priority. Learn more by calling us today. The maintenance plan program is an excellent way to decrease your out of pocket expenses for maintenance and emergency service calls.

Contact “Doc” Dancer for HVAC Services in Saint Joe, IN

“Doc” Dancer is your one-stop shop for all HVAC services in Saint Joe, IN. With over 75 years of heating and cooling services we continue to focus on providing services that make a difference to each of our clients. We service residential and commercial properties and our services are praised by many of our customers. Call us today to experience the “Doc” Dancer difference. 

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