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HVAC Services in Spencerville, IN

“Doc” Dancer is Spencerville, Indiana’s best bet for air conditioning and other HVAC system repair and replacement services. As your local professional HVAC services company, “Doc” Dancer also provides superior indoor air quality control services as well. From humidifiers to air purifiers, we take indoor air pollution seriously. Call is for all of your HVAC, and indoor air quality needs.


Cooling Services in Spencerville, IN

When your cooling system is out, you need our professional HVAC contractors to keep your home or place of business comfortable. If your having issues maintaining comfort indoors, call us for one of our cooling services such as: 

AC Repair

“Doc” Dancer is your go-to expert for AC repairs throughout the Fort Wayne area. From minor repairs to full rebuilds, we are your locally owned and operated AC repair center. We offer value pricing, highly trained technicians, and an honest approach to doing business.

AC Installation

When it is time to remove your old AC unit and install a new one, turn to the professional and expert service technicians at “Doc” Dancer. We have served the Spencerville, IN area for over 75 years. We focus on doing the job correctly the first time. We work efficiently because we value your time. With a new AC unit installed by our experienced team, we guarantee you’ll have a new cooling system that you can rely on all summer long. 

AC Tune Up

An AC tune-up from “Doc” Dancer is an investment in lower energy usage, fewer breakdowns, and an increase in the ability to cool your home on the hottest of days. Our Professional AC technicians will return your AC unit to factory specs and help correct any issues that might become a major problem down the road.

Emergency AC Services

“Doc” Dancer is a customer-focused heating and cooling company. We never want you to have to suffer through extreme weather because your heating or cooling appliance is not functioning. We are available 24/7 for emergency AC service calls. If you are one of our maintenance contract customers, there are no overtime fees and you can save 15% off parts and labor.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a useful technology to provide hot and cool air to homes and businesses by using electricity to warm or cool the air. They are very efficient heating and cooling appliances that help reduce your carbon footprint while reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your home comfortable.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits are an easy way to add heat or air conditioning to rooms where it is difficult to install ducting. They are essential appliances for outbuildings, such as your garage, or for attic and basement conversions. They are highly efficient means of creating ambient room temperatures year-round and more efficient than portable heaters and window AC units.

Spencerville, IN Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is very controllable. There are tools that help you create healthy air that is easy to cool or to heat. If you suffer from allergies or other breathing issues, consider the benefits of improved indoor air quality. The following HVAC accessories can help clean the air.


These are essential to keeping your home at the perfect ambient room temperature. They tell the furnace or AC unit when to run and when to shut down. Having a thermostat that can follow a set schedule can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are essential tools that remove dust and particles from the air. They help reduce the impact on allergens such as mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and other airborne irritants that we breathe into our lungs.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers help to remove toxic residue, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2, methane, and other toxins that can cause allergy and breathing issues. If you are concerned about toxins in the air and how they impact your health, an air purifier can be an effective answer.


Humidifiers help HVAC units do their job more efficiently. They also help to make the air in your home more comfortable. If you wake up with dry sinuses or if staying indoors during the winter makes your skin dry, a humidifier can help. With just the right amount of moisture, the air you breathe becomes soothing.


If you dislike the muggy feeling of summer, a dehumidifier is the solution. These little units remove moisture from the air making it lighter and less clinging so you don’t sweat buckets just sitting on the couch. When properly adjusted to your home, a dehumidifier takes the humidity down to make your summers much more comfortable. 


As your HVAC contractors we appreciate zoning. Zoning divides your home up into areas where you can control when and how treated air flows. Zoning is one of the modern ways to control heating costs since you do not pay to heat rooms in areas of your home that you are not using.


Signs Your Spencerville, IN Cooling System Needs Repair Service

Every cooling system requires service at least one per year. Service and maintenance are two ways to keep your AC unit dependable. If you notice any of these common issues with your cooling system, call us right away. 

Warm Air Blows Out of Vents

As your HVAC service experts we can tell you that most of the time when your AC unit is pushing warm air, there is an issue with the condenser. Either there is a coolant leak or the unit is frozen. A repair call is the only way to get the unit back to cooling your home.

Unusual Noises

If your AC unit sounds like there is a ghost or two living in it, then it’s time for an HVAC service call. Unusual noises mean something in the unit is breaking. It can be a simple fix such as a loose belt that requires tightening or something major, like the blower fan falling apart.

Strange Odors

Anytime your AC unit emits odors there is a cause for alarm. Odors can be from gasses such as natural gas, CO2, and other volatiles that can be dangerous. Even mold and mildew can be an issue that triggers allergies and makes you ill. If your AC unit smells odd, call for service.

Higher Energy Bills

It is expected that when you run your AC unit that your energy bills will rise. If your monthly energy bill is much more than expected it could be that the AC unit is dropping operating efficiency. A service call for an AC tune-up can return the unit to peak efficiency and reduce your energy consumption. 

Leaks Coming From Unit

AC systems are closed so that treated air flows where you need it. If there is a leak from the unit and cold air is escaping, the pressure inside the air ducts will drop and rooms throughout the home will not cool down properly. If your AC unit has a leak, call for cooling services to repair the unit.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from “Doc” Dancer

“Doc” Dancer is committed to customer satisfaction. We understand that you have options for HVAC companies and are concerned that your AC or heating units are not operating properly. We provide exceptional service and are thankful for the high number of repeat customers. One of the reasons we are so successful in such a competitive marketplace is that we take care of our customers.

Our HVAC maintenance plan is a gateway to discounts on regular and emergency service calls. All of our plans include 15% off labor and parts for regular maintenance. We also waive all of the overtime fees for emergency service calls. We are committed to keeping you comfortable through honest transactions, expert care, and proficient workmanship.

Contact “Doc” Dancer for HVAC Services in Spencerville, IN

When you need HVAC repair service or care, and are concerned about indoor air quality, turn to the professional technicians at “Doc” Dancer. We’ve served the local area for more than 75 years. We focus on customer satisfaction and quality, professional work. Call us today to see how we can help improve the comfort in your home today. 

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