Many Fort Wayne homeowners like to use springtime as a good opportunity to get some chores around the house done. Spring cleaning often means opening up the windows and letting the fresh air in, doing a deep clean, maybe going through some stuff you no longer use. One thing that definitely needs to be on your spring cleaning checklist is having your air conditioner tuned up with regular maintenance from Doc Dancer.

This regular cleaning and inspection is important to keep your system running efficiently throughout the summer, but there are some other great benefits too. We’ll go through our checklist of services we perform during your spring inspection, as well as a checklist of things you can do around the house to keep your system running smoothly.

What Services Are Done During Spring HVAC Maintenance?

If you haven’t scheduled your spring HVAC unit maintenance appointment yet, now is the time. Our schedules for maintenance services fill up quickly, so the sooner you make an appointment, the sooner we can see you. Here’s what services are performed by the HVAC technician during your spring maintenance appointment:

  • Changing the air filters as needed
  • Cleaning the condenser, evaporator and condensate drain
  • Measuring supply and return airflow
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks and verifying levels
  • Inspecting the electrical system, control circuits and safety systems
  • Testing the operation of the compressor, start capacitor and relay
  • Measuring blower motor, fan and compressor amp draw
  • Testing the thermostat and verifying settings
  • And more!

Remember, if you have a heat pump you also need to have your heat pump serviced twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. We provide similar services to your heat pump too.
Routine maintenance can keep your HVAC systems running efficiently, so you’ll keep your cooling costs down this summer. Your technician will identify any potential problems and fix them during your appointment to prevent breakdowns during the hot summer months. Preventative maintenance will save you money because you won’t need to call us for big repairs that possibly could have been prevented.

Homeowner HVAC Maintenance Checklist

While you’re spring cleaning, here’s a few things to add to your checklist as a homeowner to help keep your HVAC system working properly throughout the summer.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Be sure to cut back any branches or trees that are growing near your outdoor unit. Grass and clippings can clog up your unit and prevent airflow. Make sure there is at least two feet of clear space open on all sides of your outdoor unit.

Inspect Your Vents

Ensure that all of your registers in every room are open and unobstructed. This keeps the air flow moving through your home and circulating properly. If there is any dust or debris on these vents, be sure to clean it off. Additionally, cleaning your vents can help improve the indoor air quality.

Change Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Carbon monoxide can come from a leaky furnace, stove, or any appliance that uses natural gas. It would be disasterous if someone in your family got carbon monoxide poisoning, but you didn’t know because the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector were dead. While you’re replacing batteries, you might want to replace them in your smoke detector too.

Clean Bathroom Fans

Another way to help with the ventilation in your home is to clean your bathroom exhaust fans. Shut off the power to the room and remove the covers from your fans and wash them with soap and water. With the covers off, use a toothbrush to clean the fan blades before putting the cover back on.

Test Your AC

Before temperatures start getting really hot, it’s a good idea to give your hvac system a test run. Set your thermostat to “cool” and confirm that your unit kicks on and that cold air is coming from your vents. If you hear strange noises or odd smells, be sure to mention them to your HVAC technician when they start your air conditioner tune up appointment.

Schedule Your HVAC Spring Maintenance with Doc Dancer

Warmer temperatures are just around the corner. Get your spring HVAC maintenance appointment scheduled with Doc Dancer right away to make sure that your air conditioner or heat pump will be able to keep up with the hottest temperatures of the summer. Contact Doc Dancer to schedule your appointment today.