Fort Wayne, IN, homeowners know that cooling maintenance is critical to the performance of their air conditioners. However, many homeowners have questions about what is included in AC tune up service. In our most recent blog, “Doc” Dancer Heating & Air demystifies the specifics of this important service and shares why these steps are so valuable.

Why Do Air Conditioners Need Tune Ups?

As the summer months pass, your air conditioning system experiences a great deal of stress. It works almost around the clock for months on end, delivering the cool comfort your family needs. As a result, air conditioners regularly sustain wear and tear. Wear and tear doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the system. It’s just a result of normal system use.

Normal system use experienced over the course of a cooling season can impact system components, cause a decline in performance, and result in reduced energy efficiency. When the air conditioner is neglected, these issues will continue to impact overall performance and efficiency. 

It’s important that air conditioners receive preventative maintenance services prior to the warm season to prevent poor performance, energy waste, and system breakdowns. Maintenance allows your air conditioner to put its best foot forward and serve your family effectively over the hot summer months. With regular maintenance, you don’t have to worry about sweating it out because the home doesn’t stay cool enough, or the sudden expense of a surprise breakdown.

What Is Included in an AC Tune Up Service?

What is included in AC tune up service varies from one heating and cooling contractor to the next. Some offer standard tune ups, while we tailor tune up services to meet the needs of your home’s cooling equipment. Certain service elements can be added as necessary, but the general steps that an HVAC technician performs include:

  • Changing the air filter, if needed
  • Cleaning condenser coils
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Cleaning condensate drain
  • Measuring supply and return airflow rates
  • Inspecting refrigerant lines
  • Verifying refrigerant levels and refrigerant charge, if necessary
  • Inspecting electrical connections and components
  • Inspecting control circuits
  • Inspecting safety controls
  • Testing compressor
  • Testing start capacitor and relay
  • Measuring amp draw of the blower motor, fan, and compressor
  • Testing the thermostat
  • Adjusting thermostat settings

An AC system tune up is designed to deliver a complete inspection and checkup for all cooling system components. Each step works with the next to ensure every element of your HVAC system functions at the highest levels and is free of defects to reduce the risk of a breakdown over the coming cooling season. An air conditioning tune up service should never be a mystery, and your contractor should always explain the services provided, as well as their purpose so you can better understand why AC maintenance is so beneficial to your household.

Better Performance Now, Longer Service Life Overall

An AC tune up service isn’t just designed to deliver immediate system improvements – these critical steps keep your cooling components in peak condition so they last longer and experience fewer malfunctions. When all components work together as a finely tuned machine, you’re likely to gain more years of service from your air conditioner. This means fewer replacements, which can save you thousands of dollars!

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