If you feel like you’re constantly cleaning your house to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and airborne illnesses, you’re not alone. Many people are investing in a Whole House Air Filtration System for their homes to improve the air quality. Adapting your HVAC system for an air filtration system is a great step in improving the health of your family and others that enter your home.

Why Do I Need a Whole House Air Filtration System?

Even in a world before COVID-19, a Whole House Air Filtration system was a smart investment especially if you’re a smoker. Smoke creates dust and air pollution that can worsen the air quality in your whole house without you even realizing it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend almost 90% of their time indoors, which exposes them to two to five times the pollutants than they would be exposed to outdoors. You can buy portable air filtration systems that you can plug into any outlet in your house, but they do not have the lifespan or dependability of a whole house system. 

If you have pets, asthma, or intense allergies, a whole house air filtration system might be your answer to breathing easier in your house. When pets shed, their fur, along with dust, accumulates in your vents and then spreads around through your HVAC system. The dust and pet hair can make allergies worse, even in rooms where there are no animals. These pollutants can also gather in your filter and furnace, slowing down your system. This will make your system less efficient and more susceptible to problems. 

In fact, an air filtration system may improve the life of your HVAC system. Because your system runs cleaner, it is less susceptible to common pollutants that clog it. This might be the ideal solution if you have an older HVAC system that you don’t want to repair or replace. A new whole house air filtration system might be a selling point for your home. Buyers will love the idea of clean air in their new home while being able to rely on an HVAC system to stay clean while it heats the house. 

“Doc” Dancer features two types of air filtration systems:

Air cleaners

Our advanced, high-quality air cleaners like our Aprilaire®️ series can remove up to 94 percent of airborne particles larger than 0.35 microns, including most bacteria. Our whole house air cleaners help prevent aggravating symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Ultraviolet air purifiers

“Doc” Dancer’s Respicaire®️ air purifier can destroy smoke and odor molecules while killing bacteria and viruses. These systems are great at removing chemical and biological contaminants from the air.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Whole House Air Filtration System

Different air filtration systems are better at fighting certain pollutants than others. Here are some of the differences you should consider when shopping around. 

  • Flat Filters – you may have a flat filter already in your forced-air furnace. They are made of fiberglass and are ideal for catching large dust particles, but not very effective against smaller microscopic particles. 
  • Extended Media Filters – These filters are much thicker than flat filters so they don’t usually fit in standard furnace filter slots. Extended media filters are better at catching small to medium-sized particles than flat filters.
  • Electronic Filters – These filters require a high-voltage current to capture air particles. These are installed directly into the ductwork and are about 30 times more effective than fiberglass filters.
  • Activated Carbon Filters – Instead of catching particles, activated carbon filters absorb them and eliminate odors. However, they need to be replaced more frequently and tend to cost more than other common filters. 
  • Ultraviolet Filters – Ultraviolet light has been shown to help stop the spread of diseases and viruses. UV filters are commonly used in hospitals. 


“Doc” Dancer can also help with humidity in your home. Whether you want to humidify or dehumidify your home, we can help.

Call “Doc” Dancer to Add a Whole House Air Filtration System to Your Home

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