A heat pump is a great way to heat and cool your home, but like any other appliance, it can sometimes show signs of trouble. If you notice that your heat pump making is making more noise than usual, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Doc Dancer Heating & Air takes a look at some of the most common heat pump noises that can come from a heat pump and shares what to do to correct these issues.

Banging Sounds

When your heat pump turns on and you start to hear banging noises, this is usually caused by the fan blades hitting other components within the unit. Often, heat pumps make banging noises from within your outdoor unit. If this is the case, turn the system off and call for repairs. You don’t want to let this problem persist, as the repetitive striking can cause serious damage to your heat pump.

The ducts that distribute cool air from the heat pump system can also make quick banging or popping sounds. These noises occur as the metal changes temperature when the heat pump starts a cooling cycle and after the cycle ends. It is a normal noise for heat pumps and this is nothing to worry about.

Rattling and Vibrations

If you notice a rattling noise coming from your heat pump, there may be a loose component inside the unit. The screws on the access panel of the indoor air handler may need tightening, as the access panel is rattling against its frame as the unit runs.

Vibrations from the outdoor unit can be a normal part of the heat pump operation, but a noisy heat pump can be bothersome. Installing a rubber mat below the unit can absorb vibrations and dampen the noise. Ask your HVAC professional about installing such an accessory.

Clicking Sounds

When you notice that your heat pump makes clicking noises, it’s important to have a technician inspect your system. This noise can be an indication of damage to parts such as the belts, pistons, fan, rod, valve, or crankshaft within the indoor air handler. A clicking noise can also be a sign that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Have your technician replace any damaged parts to stop the clicking and keep your system running smoothly.

Buzzing Sound

A buzzing sound from your heat pump equipment can indicate electrical problems – popping sounds can also be heard with these types of issues. It’s best not to take any chances and have your heat pump inspected by a professional. An inspection is necessary to ensure all wiring connections are tightened and any faulty electrical components are replaced.

Squealing Noises

If your heat pump is squealing or making a shrieking sound, it could be a sign of a serious underlying issue. Loud noises like squealing can often be the result of a motor bearing going bad. In this case, the bearings may just need some lubrication, or they may need to be replaced altogether.

If the squealing noise is coming from the compressor, it means that the refrigerant is being placed under excessive pressure. This issue should be addressed by a heating and cooling professional immediately, as it can lead to compressor failure.

Heat Pump Repairs in Fort Wayne, IN

Typical sounds that come from a heat pump in normal operation shouldn’t be much louder than gentle humming. When you notice any loud noises coming from your heat pump, call Doc Dancer for heat pump repairs right away. If you want to get ahead of a noisy heat pump, schedule your annual heat pump tune-up. Your HVAC service technician will be able to tighten loose parts, test for issues, and clean your system so it shouldn’t make any loud noises. Schedule your heat pump appointment with Doc Dancer today.