Boilers are one of the many types of home heating systems. But occasionally, boilers and pipes make noises that can make you think you live in a haunted house. Certain noises can indicate if there is a problem with your boiler. If your boiler is making noises, Doc Dancer is here to help. Doc Dancer has been Fort Wayne’s trusted HVAC comfort specialist since 1946. Contact us today for boiler service so we can address those strange noises.

Identifying Boiler Noises and What They Mean

Even if you don’t experience any issues with your heating system but you’re wondering why your boiler is so noisy, there are a few things you can do yourself that can help pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your boiler. A noisy boiler should not be ignored. Noises coming from boilers generally indicate there is a problem.

Many modern-day boilers have a digital screen that will give you error codes when something is wrong. Consult your owner’s manual to decode these messages, or search your boiler’s manufacturer and serial number to see if you can find a digital copy of the manual online. 

If you cannot find a manual, identifying the types of sounds your boiler is making can be a big help to your technician. Is your boiler rattling or vibrating? Giving a technician an accurate description of the sounds you’re hearing can help diagnose your boiler’s problems.

Rattling or Vibrating

Rattling noises coming from your boiler may be the result of a loose connection or pipe. If you can locate the source of the noise, use a wrench, and tighten any connections. Check for any unclipped pipes as well, as they could also be the cause of the noise.  

Another easy thing you can do to try to solve the noises coming from your boiler is to check the air vent. A blocked air vent is one of the most common causes of boiler problems. If the air vent is user-serviceable, remove it and clean it. 

Dripping or Gurgling 

A common reason boilers make noises is because of trapped air in your system. Air in your boiler system may lead to corrosion. When this happens, you might hear rattling, dripping, or gurgling noises. Bleeding your system can help make these noises stop. If you’re uncomfortable about bleeding your system, Doc Dancer is happy to help. 

Tapping, Popping, or Banging Noises

If the flow of water from the heat exchanger becomes blocked, it can be one of the reasons your boiler is making noises. Sometimes these loud bangs make it sound like your boiler is going to fall off the wall or explode. We promise that won’t happen, but limescale buildup is not something you should try to tackle yourself.

Call Doc Dancer to Fix Your Noisy Boiler Today

Noisy boilers are disruptive and scary. Boilers shouldn’t make noise, so if you are hearing noises suddenly, you’ll want to call Doc Dancer as soon as possible. We’ll diagnose and fix your noisy boiler quickly so you can enjoy peace and quiet in your home.