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Bluffton, IN Air Conditioning Installation

For homeowners of Bluffton, Indiana that want to add value to their home, nothing beats installing a brand new heating and cooling system! Air conditioner installation is one of the best ways to prepare for the hot and humid Bluffton, Indiana summers. When you have central air conditioning units installed by an HVAC company, you can turn your home into an oasis and escape from the soaring temperatures this summer!

If you have an older HVAC system that needs to be replaced, are in the process of building a new home, or want to learn more about air conditioning replacement services, you can call us at Doc Dancer! We provide high-quality air conditioning installation to the Bluffton community and the surrounding area. You can call on Doc Dancer for all your air conditioning service needs. Schedule an appointment with us today.


Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement Services In Bluffton, IN

Before you replace your air conditioning unit, there are several signs to look for that will alert you to the need for air conditioning unit installation. Keep a lookout for these signs, as these are common signs that your need for a new AC unit is the smart choice instead of wasting money on repairs.

Older Unit Over 15 Years Old

The average air conditioner is designed to last around 15 years. However, this number can be much less if you or the previous homeowners have neglected to conduct the proper maintenance or properly repair your cooling units as needed. Unfortunately, it can be easy for many homeowners to forget these repairs. If your unit has not been serviced in over a year and is over 15 years old, it might be time to replace your heating and cooling system and upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.

Humid Air In the Home

An air conditioning unit not only cools the home, but it’s also responsible for keeping the air within your home dry and free of humidity. This is especially noticeable during heat waves in the middle of the summer. If your air conditioner has been unable to keep the air in your home cool, it might indicate a problem with its coils. This can indicate you are in need of a complete air conditioning replacement.

Leaks in the Unit

Leaks, such as refrigerant leaks from your unit are a huge red flag and should never be ignored. A break within your system itself is causing a leak, and this break might be irreparable. It’s best to have certified technicians service your unit as soon as possible. Refrigerants can be toxic and should only be handled by professional HVAC technicians.

Constant Repairs Needed

It’s never a good idea to continue to throw money into your air conditioning unit if you continue to need to repair it. Calling for a service repair once a year isn’t bad, but if you need repair maintenance more than twice a year on your air conditioning unit, then it’s a great idea to invest in a new system rather than continue to spend time and money on it. Our reliable HVAC technicians will inform you of which repairs are normal, which can be fixed, and when it’s time to seriously consider the new installation of your cooling equipment.

Rising Energy Bills

It’s normal to have your energy bills rise if you continue to use your unit more during the summer. Unfortunately, if your air conditioning unit continues to lead to high energy costs despite lowering your usage, this could indicate you need to replace your system instead of repairing it. Only a trained HVAC technician can alert you of the best option for your air conditioning unit.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Replacement

If you’ve just learned that you need to replace your central air conditioning unit, it’s important to understand that even though this can be a costly endeavor, there are many benefits to replacing outdated central air conditioning units.

Saving Money

When you replace your air conditioning unit with a more energy efficient model. You can rest assured you’re saving money on energy bills and repair costs! Not only will you notice a decrease in your energy bills, but you’ll also notice you’ll spend less time and money on air conditioning services for your unit. Upgrading to a new HVAC system can also save your time and stress.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Older central air conditioning units have a tendency to become dirty, especially if they’ve been neglected. A newer air conditioning system might be compatible with air filtration system add-ons or can support larger filters. A new system bogged down with dirt and debris is only hurting your indoor air quality. By replacing your unit, you can decrease the negative effects of faulty air conditioners that do not do a great job at filtering out air from your home.

Better Comfort Levels

Replacing your air conditioning unit is one of the best ways to make sure your home stays comfortable year-round! With a newer unit, you’ll still be comfortable even when daytime temperature highs average in the 90s or more. You won’t have to worry about constant air conditioning services to keep your unit running. Talk to a home comfort specialist to see how replacing your air conditioning unit can improve the comfort in your home.


Find the Best Air Conditioning Installation Services In Bluffton, IN

The Bluffton community can rely on Doc Dancer to provide top-notch heating and air conditioning services. We are available to provide repair maintenance services as well as new HVAC system replacement. We are your hometown heating and air conditioning service team. We provide Bluffton homes with high quality HVAC products and services that can help improve the comfort of your home in the warm summer seasons.

Doc Dancer is an authorized Bryant Factory dealer, so you know you’re getting equipment and an air conditioning unit that is built to last! With over 75 years as a locally owned business, Doc Dancer is here to help you feel comfortable in your own home. Our experienced team is full of trained NATE certified technicians that you can trust! We have ample experience helping the Fort Wayne and Bluffton areas and our verified reviews praise our great service and reliable repairs. If you’re looking for an experienced heating and cooling company to provide you with the best air conditioning services that include installation, repair, and maintenance, then call Doc Dancer to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Installation Appointment With Doc Dancer

At Doc Dancer, we’re here to provide emergency services, heating and cooling system repairs, and cooling system installations! We can help you add value to your home, and prepare your system for the summer to keep your family comfortable when temperatures rise. Call us today to schedule an appointment and feel cooling relief in your home again.

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