You know your furnace hasn’t been working well the past few winters, so you decide to get an estimate to have it replaced. But the technician says you should replace your furnace and air conditioner, is that true? You might be worried this company is trying to pull a fast one on you, but there are many scenarios where replacing both makes sense. Like any major home project, getting multiple quotes is always a great idea. Doc Dancer has been Fort Wayne’s trusted HVAC specialist for over 75 years. We’re happy to provide you with a reliable second opinion when it comes to any heating or cooling services for your home.

Many homeowners ask if they can replace their furnaces without having to replace their air conditioners. The team at Doc Dancer walks you through the situations when replacing both at the same time is a good idea, and when it’s not necessary.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Both HVAC Appliances at the Same Time

If you think it’s about time to replace either your furnace or air conditioner, it might be a good idea to replace both at the same time for a few reasons. Oftentimes, replacing both can be a cost-effective way to upgrade your home. Many companies will offer discounts on one appliance when you buy another, which makes it a smart idea if your HVAC units are about the same age.

Furnaces and central air conditioning units can be incredibly expensive individually and when you buy them both together and have them installed together, you can often also save on labor and other fees.

Sync Both Warranties

It’s a good idea to know how old your HVAC units are, and a professional technician can help you with that. If they are about the same age, replacing both units means less guesswork when it comes time to remember when your warranty expires.


When you work with Doc Dancer to replace your existing furnace and air conditioner, we’ll install reliable Bryant units in your home. When you have a quality Bryant air conditioner paired with a Bryant furnace, you’ll have confidence that both units are the same brand, so they will be able to communicate together easily.

An important thing to remember about HVAC equipment is that your air conditioner relies on your furnace’s blower motor for circulating air throughout the home, even when the heat isn’t on. When upgrading your air conditioner, your furnace’s blower motor must be compatible with your air conditioner in order to support your air conditioner’s cooling output or staging. This is why it helps to have both a furnace and air conditioner that are the same brand.

Year-Round Comfort Based on Your Home’s Size

An HVAC unit that is too big or too small will experience increased wear and tear and won’t last as long as a properly sized HVAC system will. If your technician advises you to have a smaller or larger heating or cooling unit installed, having both installed at the same time will help improve your home’s efficiency and help with common home comfort issues like hot and cold spots and high utility bills.

Times When You Can Replace Your Furnace but Not Your Air Conditioner

There are times when replacing your furnace and your air conditioning system at the same time just doesn’t make sense.

Your Furnace And AC Are Currently Compatible

If your systems are both currently compatible, chances are an upgrade for one system means just getting a newer model. For example, if you want a new air conditioning unit, and your current air conditioner and furnace are the same brands, getting a new air conditioner that is also the same brand will most likely be a modest upgrade and your systems will stay compatible.

One System Is Much Newer Than The Other

If you replaced your furnace a few years ago, but now your air conditioner needs to be replaced, it might not make sense to replace your relatively young furnace too. Sometimes if we neglect to maintain our HVAC systems their lifespans become drastically shorter which causes the need for replacement. Usually, HVAC technicians will not recommend replacing a unit that is younger than 10 years old.

You Just Want to Replace Your Furnace

As mentioned above, your air conditioner relies on your furnace, but if you just want to replace your furnace, you don’t necessarily need to replace your air conditioner. However, both units have a similar lifespan, so if your systems are relatively close in age and you decide to replace only your furnace, you’ll probably need to replace your air conditioning unit in the not-too-distant future.

Talk to Doc Dancer About Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement Services

When you think it’s time to upgrade your HVAC equipment, talk to your hometown heating and cooling experts at Doc Dancer. We can assess your appliances to let you know when they need to be replaced. Contact us today to learn more about furnace or air conditioning replacement services.