It’s starting to get colder in Fort Wayne, which means fall has arrived! Many associate fall with pumpkins, corn mazes, and haunted houses. Those things are great, but winterizing your home should also be on your mind. We understand cleaning the gutters and pulling out the coats from storage isn’t as fun as picking apples, but it’s a very important thing to do. This fall, be sure to check off all of these fall HVAC tips from “Doc” Dancer.

Fall Furnace Tune-Up

Many people ask us whether they really need a furnace tune-up every year. Having your furnace turned up is the most important of our fall HVAC tips. Not only does your HVAC maintenance technician clean and inspect your furnace to make sure it’s working efficiently, but they also make sure that it is safe to operate the furnace. Regular HVAC maintenance helps ensure your furnace operates efficiently all winter long and can catch smaller issues before they lead to something bigger, including potential furnace safety issues.

Thermostat Testing

Thermostats last about 10 years. Once a thermostat surpasses that number, they are prone to malfunctioning due to dust or aging wiring. Some signs to look for that indicate your thermostat is going out include:

  • No power or it’s unresponsive
  • Your HVAC system won’t turn on
  • The room temperature and setting don’t match.

If you haven’t done so already, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. These thermostats can be commanded by a schedule, your voice, or an app. Smart thermostats have learning capabilities that take into account the weather outside to heat rooms to the ideal temperature.

Another of our fall HVAC tips is to set your thermostat to 68°F. This keeps your heating system energy efficient and your energy bills down while you stay comfortable. “Doc” Dancer can inspect, repair, or install new thermostats for you. 

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

When you have your furnace tuned up, your heating and cooling technician may replace your air filter. However, this should not be the only time of year you do this. They should be changed every 90 days or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. This helps keep your furnace and air ducts clean as well as remove allergens and airborne particles from circulating in the air. A dirty or clogged air filter will also cause your HVAC system to work harder to warm your home, leading to increased wear and tear and higher energy bills.

Clean Air Vents and Ducts

Cleaning your air vents is a simple task that doesn’t require calling a heating and cooling company. Keeping your air vents clean will help maintain the life of your furnace. If you notice dust accumulating on your air vents, simply take a vacuum cleaner and clean the grates. Feel free to vacuum inside the vents as well. While looking inside, if you notice lots of dust, then you could have an issue with your air ducts.

Air ducts can develop cracks and leaks over time. Having your air ducts inspected, cleaned, and repaired is great to do before winter to improve your indoor air quality. In the winter, we spend most of our time indoors. Improving your indoor air quality with duct sealing and cleaning from “Doc” Dancer can keep your breathing easy all winter long. 

Consider Adding Additional Insulation

The middle of winter is not a good time to find out that your home’s insulation is past its prime. The last of our fall HVAC system tips is to go into your attic or crawlspace and see whether you have an appropriate amount of insulation for your home. Insulation helps keep the heat from escaping through your roof. Without enough insulation, you’re basically wasting valuable heat energy and money.

Never Miss a Fall HVAC Tune-Up Again

One of “Doc” Dancer’s best HVAC tips is to sign up for our HVAC maintenance agreement. When you become a member, we service your furnace and air conditioning every year, so you never forget an inspection. There are additional perks to signing up too! Call “Doc” Dancer today to learn more or to schedule service for your heating and cooling system.