Air ducts are critical to your home’s heating and cooling system, as they connect the HVAC system with the vents in your home to provide heating and cooling. If your home is newer, chances are your air ducts are fine. Older homes, however, commonly have air duct issues. If you’ve had your HVAC system serviced but aren’t feeling much of an improvement, your air ducts could be to blame.

Schedule a service appointment with “Doc” Dancer, and ask us whether your home could benefit from duct sealing services. Our technicians will inspect your home to see if duct sealing is what you need to keep your home comfortable all year long. 

How to Tell If There Are Issues With Air Ducts

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, leaky air ducts could be to blame:

  • High energy bills
  • Particular rooms that don’t heat or cool as well as other areas of the house
  • Visible cracks or leaks in the ductwork
  • Tangled ducts
  • Rooms that are humid or stuffy when they shouldn’t be
  • Your house has dust on everything
  • Your ductwork has never been sealed

As much as thirty percent of the energy in your home can escape through air ducts if they are not properly sealed. This percentage could increase if you have multiple air duct leaks and duct issues. This wasted energy is reflected in your energy bill. 

In the winter, when your ductwork is heated, the metal expands. In the summer, it contracts. Over time, this can cause tape and joints to become undone and cause cracks to form.

The Benefits of Duct Sealing

There are many benefits of sealing ducts, especially if you live in an older home. Many people have their ducts sealed to help with rooms that are very stuffy and uncomfortable. Having your ducts sealed can make your home feel more comfortable. If your energy bills are high, duct sealing could help lower your heating and cooling costs. 

Leaky ducts tend to accumulate dust, chemicals, insulation particles, and other allergens. Sealing air ducts can improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants entering ducts and circulating throughout your home.

By sealing your home’s duct system, you will keep the heated or cooled air in, and, therefore, use less energy. Duct sealing helps your home’s energy bills stay low and benefits the environment as well. 

What is Aeroseal?

“Doc” Dancer is the first company in Northeastern Indiana to offer Aeroseal. This service can lead to additional energy savings. After your ducts are cleaned or repaired, we’ll test your ducts for air leaks. We inject polymer particles into the vents to seal up and block leaks up to ⅝”. Then we measure the leakage again. You’ll be surprised by the improvement in airflow, comfort and dramatic reduction in dust. 

Aeroseal is an efficient way to stop conditioned air from leaking without needing to replace all of the ductwork in your house. This seal can find the tiniest holes that a technician might miss. If you have extensive duct air leakage, you can potentially save lots of money on home heating and cooling costs. 

Schedule an Air Duct Inspection with “Doc” Dancer Today

If you’re fed up with being uncomfortable in your home and spending money on high energy bills, then it’s time to call “Doc” Dancer. Our HVAC service technicians can inspect, clean, and seal your home’s air ducts. We’ll then determine if Aeroseal is right for your home. Once your ducts have been properly sealed, you’ll notice the benefits right away. Call “Doc” Dancer today to schedule duct sealing service for improved indoor air quality or to schedule service for your other heating and cooling systems.